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The passion for our gelato always drives us to find a new way to amaze our customers.

The quality of the raw materials, the creativity in obtaining the taste and flavor of a cake or cocktail in the form of gelato, the innovation in producing and offering a vast and tasty range of products even during the winter - all this is distinctive part of our way of working.

At our shops you will find true homemade gelato, made fresh every morning following a different processing method for each individual flavor. Starting from the highest quality raw materials and never using pre-processed compounds, we process the product until it is transformed into gelato. To make it special, we are always particularly attentive to two fundamental aspects: the choice of raw materials and their processing. The latter, following very precise methods, allows the gelato to maintain all the organoleptic properties of the product, without distorting or altering them.

We work the raw materials so that their flavor, color and scent remain unchanged even after its transformation into gelato.

By our choice (even if the world market says more), we do not produce gelato flavors like "Puffo", "Facebook", "WhatsApp" or "Violetta", considered today among the most sold in the world. Gelato as we understand it is something else. Business always comes after passion, never before.

This does not mean that we produce igelato just by looking at the past, on the contrary. Every day we strive to marry tradition and innovation, two fundamental factors for our business.

The historical flavors of our company (pistachio, stracciatella, cream, pine nut, walnut, hazelnut, chocolate) are the result of hundreds of teste and production tests every year!

To make you understand better: the fiordilatte we produce is the result of endless tastings of Italian milk, selecting the best possible for our palate. The fiordilatte has always been considered by many gelato makers as a simple and quick taste to make, but not for us, above all because for us children are the most appreciated customers and deserve only the best!

We make our cream flavor as it has been made at home for generations, or with the peel of the lemon boiling, as for the homemade custard!

The classic flavors we do not take for granted, on the contrary, we keep them alive and in top quality!


In the "Il Gelato di Pasqualetti" brand shops, you will always find qualified helpful staff waiting for you. If you have questions or need information, don't hesitate to ask. We are at your complete disposal.

Choose the flavor you prefer, and if you can't eat foods that contain milk or lactose, we suggest you enjoy our fruit sorbets (with the exception of coconut and avocado flavors). Soon many other flavors will be available without milk and lactose!

At this point you just have to taste it firsthand.

Run in to one of our shops, we are waiting for you with the classic ...cone or cup?

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