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About Us

History, people, team and passion!



The path that brought us here begins in 1982, in the beautiful Umbrian village of Castel Viscardo, a few kilometers from Orvieto, the history of our shop was born. Since 1989 the business moved to Orvieto where our "headquarters" are still today. Where our laboratory and two of our main shops are located - the historic one in Piazza del Duomo and the more recent one in Via del Duomo, near the Torre del Moro clock tower.

In recent years, the company has had extraordinary growth, opening new shops: three between Orvieto and Ciconia, one in Acquapendente and one in Bagnoregio, along the splendid promenade leading to the enchanted village of Civita di Bagnoregio which today is a tourist destination for thousands of people from all over the world.



All our shops have been renovated according to a distinct philosophy and design, in harmony with the particular attention to production and administration.

Our growth has come about from a commercial point of view, but also and above all, from the point of view of our continuous search for new possibilities suited to keeping with the quality of our products.

Part of our way of working and producing quality gelato is based on the synergy with other Orvieto companies, all united by the production of excellent local Italian products for the world market. Fundamentally, our products are based on the pure transformation of simple raw materials of quality, without EVER using neither semi-finished products, nor additive or altering chemical products.

Ours is not a gelato shop born just to do business or earn money. We are among the very few in Italy with a passion and a tradition that for many generations pushes us forward every day, doing what we have always loved. To give you some small examples, here you can find (always based on the seasons of the year) unique gelato flavors, such as the grandmother's apricot tart, apple cake and many more.

Ernesto Pelliccia, our Mastro Gelataio, uses gelato as a sort of means of "reproduction" of ancient and traditional recipes, without ever distorting - in fact amplifying - the original recipe, making it GELATO! A truly fascinating journey.

Ernesto has many decades of experience in the world of food and wine. Ernesto has always been driven by an extraordinary talent, accompanied by a passion for research, technical and technological improvements, constantly within professional training courses.

In support of Ernesto, we have a young, dynamic, multilingual, always attentive to our customers close-knit team that every day offers genuine products, including a gelato - ours - artisan, tasty and healthy.